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It’s been a while…

Hey folks! First let me just say HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! I’ve missed you! So glad 2012 is done with and hopefully bigger and better things start happening in 2013. Where have I’ve been? you ask…well I took a break…my life became a lot crazier with all these cakes I’ve been baking and flowers I’ve been making (ha…just rhymed).







Oh! and my kids (who are growing like weeds)…oh and my husband (who wants to remain a mystery)…I’ve been taking care of them too!



No worries though I do plan on blogging more this year…(its ok to clap and smile)…I’ve gotten back into my cooking groove…so I have lots of yummy  recipes to share. Really appreciate those who haven’t given up on my yet, just waiting for me to get my act together!

Well I’ve got it together…so look out for a post in the next few days! I must go now my two year old just woke up from his nap and he’s feeling good…need to make sure he hasn’t gotten hold of a sharpie pen…bye!




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Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Its the one holiday I wish would happen more often, but sadly it doesn’t. But instead of getting all bummed out about it, I put up my skinny Christmas tree, decorated my house with decorations galore and now its time to start making wonderful handmade gifts to give to family and friends.

Thanks to Pinterest, I’ve been getting my craft on in a crazy way lately…it might get out of control…

Made this Yarn Wreath (click link for tutorial). It took some time to make, but love how it turned out. The rosettes are made of felt and are super easy to do. Will make a few more for sure.

Crocheted and knitted some tube scarves. I might just make the blue one bigger.

Crocheted these Mug Cozies. These are super cute and I will be making lots of them!

That’s all for now. Hopefully this inspires the crafter in you to make some wonderful gifts. If you’re not crafty or don’t have the time for this kind of stuff check out Etsy, which offers a wide selection of handmade goodness. They have lots of great gift ideas!

Happy Holidays!

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Happy Birthday CoolKid!

I can’t believe you turned 4 yrs old today. I refuse to cry cause you’re getting older…I’m really happy that I just get to enjoy watching you grow! Mommy loves you so much…even when you say my music is whack sometimes.

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Picture Time!

I find it hard a lot of times to get some good candid photos of my boys.

They just feel the need to constantly move…they start fighting…or they have to see what their picture looks like every time I take one.

Must be a boy thing…

To get my boys to chill-out for thirty seconds…I did a little photo shoot with them.

After twenty-somethin’ takes I finally got three pretty good pictures of Cool Kid and Bam-Bam today…

they can be so cute sometimes…

if you ever want your photos to look all artsy or that much more nicer go here…its free, easy to use, and safe. I use this site all the time to edit my photos.

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3 Months

You are growing way too fast little man…and I love that your brothers are crazy about you!

Happy 3 months Lil’ Muffin!

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5 Years

Funny that I met you in Sunday School (shocking… I know) and you caught me checking you out…I was really trying to figure out how tall you were.

So happy to be with you…even if you are an inch shorter than me.

Love that we have  three beautiful “caramel children”…as you like to call them.

Love you…my vanilla latte.

And yes I would have more of your babies…sorry mom ( I kid…I kid).

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So the other day ma’ boo dislocated his middle finger at work. I didn’t find this out until he came home after being in a clinic all afternoon. Like most men he had forgotten his cell phone, so thankfully nothing seriously happened to him.

Well later that night, we noticed his ring finger was swelling up pretty good. His wedding ring looked as if it was going to cut off the circulation to his finger. Being the tough masculine guy that he is, he reassured me that he would be fine , that he could still move his finger and he’d have no problem getting his ring off when the swelling went down.

Today my husbands ring finger looked pretty bruised up and was really swollen. I asked a few times through out the morning if I needed to take him to the ER to try and get his ring off, but he didn’t seem too concerned about it until this afternoon, when he couldn’t tell which finger was hurting more.

So after we got home from taking the kids out, I immediately went online and Googled “cutting a Tungsten ring” . To my surprise you can break or crack those tough-ass rings with some vise grips. We watched a YouTube video on how to crack the ring off you finger in case of an emergency. It didn’t look hard at all and it gave us a little bit of hope.

And so we tried it….

It took a couple times for us to get it right, but then the angels sang and we heard a crack-pop sound…that ring broke in half…

Happy the vise grips worked and my man’s finger was not harmed in the process. Eventually we’ll replace the ring with a tattoo or a permanent marker…I’ll leave that up to him.

Now if I can just get him to stop waving his middle finger at me…

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